• Lab Services
  • Radiography
  • Cardiology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Flea and Tick Preventatives
  • Referrals
  • End of Life and Grief Concerns

The veterinary team at the South Porcupine Animal Hospital have a number of diagnostic tools at their disposal.  These include the following:

LAB SERVICES – We offer in-house laboratory blood testing that can provide results within a reasonably short period of time.  Pre-surgical blood panels,  complete blood counts, serum biochemistry profiles, urinalysis and fecal analysis can be easily performed at our hospital.  Any specialty blood work that cannot be performed in-house is sent to the Animal Health Lab at the University of Guelph; here, we can consult with any number of clinical pathologists to histopathologists to discuss your pet’s case as needed.

RADIOGRAPHY – We can also provide radiographs or X-Rays with our onsite X-Ray machine;  again, we have a relationship with a team of Radiologists that can digitally report on any significant concerns on a referral basis.  X-Rays can be used to diagnose a myriad of health problems such as cancer, ingestion of foreign bodies to urinary stones; the list can be endless.

CARDIOLOGY – With the increasing advancements recently,  we are able to transmit perform EKG and transmit the data for a board certified cardiologist to comment on your pet’s heart health.  The results can be obtained as a STAT basis or within a 24 hour period depending on the criticalness of the patient.

OPHTHALMOLOGY –   This medical service is to ensure that your pet’s eyes stay healthy.  We look for normal tear production, corneal ulcers (simply tears on the eye surface), pressure checks for glaucoma, retinal diseases and a variety of other eye diseases.

PHARMACEUTICALS –  Our pharmacy carries drugs from antibiotics, anti-fungal drugs, dewormers,  steroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, eye medications, and a variety of other medications that can be dispensed on a daily basis.  We also use local pharmacies if the drug in question is readily available or use compounding pharmacies where the drug of interest is made according to your pet’s dose and needs.   We also carry glucosamine supplements, omega 3/6 fatty acid supplements, liver support supplements that we can discuss according to your pet’s specific needs.

FLEA AND TICK PREVENTATIVES –  Becomingly more common, flea and tick prevention is a concern to most pet owners.  Living in Northern Ontario, we do have an occasional fall – winter where fleas are lively; we can provide proven flea prevention and eradication drugs.  As Lyme disease is becoming more prevalent in Ontario, we can also address and discuss tick species, prevention and on how the different products vary according to their mechanism of actions.

REFERRALS –  There will be certain cases that would benefit from seeing a Board Certified Specialist where it would be from a surgical or medical concern.  Our veterinarians have a network of specialty veterinarians that can be accessed as the need arises to better help your pet.

END OF LIFE AND GRIEF CONCERNS – At the South Porcupine Animal Hospital, one of the hardest parts of our jobs is to say goodbye to a loved one, whether ours or yours.  During this difficult time, we will try to help in the decision making and try to illustrate quality of life issues for your pet.  The last thing that is wanted for any pet is suffering or pain.  Despite popular belief, most animals, when critically ill, do not simply fall asleep and pass away peacefully naturally.   Our veterinary team will intervene to prevent any suffering or pain by performing a procedure called a EUTHANASIA, or in lay terms “putting to sleep”.   Our process at this hospital is to place an intravenous catheter in a vein in order to deliver medications directly into the bloodstream.   Dependent on the patient, sometimes we give a mild to heavy sedation prior to the euthanasia.  Once sedated, a second injection of a drug is given to stop the brain and body activity; this can occur very quickly and the veterinarian will confirm by listening to the heart.

There are 2 choices for body care afterward:  burial (owners take the pet home) or cremation.  We offer cremation choices that include a Private, Semi-Private or Basic cremation dependent on the owners wishes.  We can discuss these choices more at length in person and offer any guidance as needed.   Below are 2 links to the crematorium that we use: