Healing sick Maltese dog with injection by veterinarians in vet ambulant

From your pet’s first visit with us, it will be clear that your pet’s health and longevity is our first concern.  The team at the South Porcupine Animal Hospital focuses on preventative health care versus reactive medicine.  From the puppyhood and into adult hood, your pet needs to have a comprehensive “tip of nose to tail” physical exam to determine any health problems.  At this visit, any concern from health of your pet, nutrition, behaviour or general questions can be discussed in detail.  As of late, to our immediate south, parasites such as heartworm, ticks carrying Lyme disease, and intestinal parasites have topped the question list for the 2017 year.

Vaccines are a part of the preventative health care approach we take very seriously.  There has been a reappearance of Canine Distemper due to reduced vaccines, parvovirus, which can be lethal, tends to reappear in the area due to non-vaccinated reservoirs, and lastly, rabies is always around and has increased in numbers in southern Ontario over the last year.  Please see our FAQs for some recommended links discussing vaccines.  The team will discuss the vaccinations recommended based on your and your animal’s lifestyle every year while targeting any newly emerging concerns.