I was raised and grew up east of South Porcupine.  I attended St. Joseph’s School on Huot Street and finalized my high school years at RMSS (surprisingly, each of these schools are only a few blocks from the SPAH).  In grade 2, I already knew that when I grew up, I was going to be a VETERINARIAN.   I went to Laurentian University spending 4 years on a Biochemistry degree before being accepted into the prestigious Ontario Veterinary College in 1995.   The five years spent at OVC was a life changing experience with great mentors and classmates; many of whom I stay in contact with to this day.   Fast forward to June 2000: graduation and then the real world. In the beginning I separated out my time between 2 other local clinics for the first 6 months.  After this time,  I diversified my job with teaching Livestock medicine courses to local area farmers to educate them for better animal husbandry techniques with respect to medications.

In early 2006, I wanted to stay closer to home and this is how the South Porcupine Animal Hospital was born.   There was the perfectly located old familiar KFC,  around from when I was a kid growing up,  and the building was for sale.   With some tough decisions, I leapt at the chance for new challenges all while staying in my community.  After destruction and construction, the clinic was opened on June 22, 2006.   The practice has grown substantially in those years, until the decision was made in the fall of 2015 that more space was needed.   Fast forward to September 15, 2017 and we are just getting into our new and spacious addition.  These new areas have been thoughtfully considered for what is best for all pets and clients.  There are 2 substantial pieces of limestone above our reception fireplace.  I ask you to observe and read the words as I am hoping that everyone will take something away from those thoughts proudly displayed.

Professionally, I strive to take as much continuing education as possible.  In the past, I have studied many orthopaedic and soft tissue continuing education courses, all based with highly respected veterinary accredited surgeons.   I have great relationships with the many pathologists I have encountered in my 17 year career.  It is with their help and the academic drive to find answers if available that allow me to continue to grow.  Every day, every case, every client, every patient – I learn something new.  This allows me to LOVE the career path that I have chosen.

Personally, as many of you know, my dogs are my soul.  I spend a lot of time with them and they give me a lot of learning opportunitiess.  Currently, I have Jules, Monkey and Braelyn.  September 15, 2016 – I had to say goodbye to my Bindy Boo and then on June 2, 2017, Poppy left our lives.  Even with the sadness and grief,  those 2 little ones have given me a vast appreciation to cherish each day with a loved one.   Even after the many trips to MOVEH with Poppy and Bindy,  I know chicken is the answer to most Cocker Spaniels’ questioning of life!   I am also lucky to spend my time with my best friend, travel companion and generous husband,  Rick.    In my spare time, I get to do a variety of things: cooking, cleaning, dog walking, baking, crafting, painting, and of course lately,  renovating a veterinary clinic.  Life is never boring- but it is much better with a few dogs and cats and maybe perhaps a chicken or two.